stefano bona


graduation project
april-june 2018

Arne Grugel

Regina Khanipova

David Canals / Margola Magentti

Marta Soldevilla / Sara Bastai

Shaping Voids is a new approach to the adaptation of the body in physical space. Through the use of air in inflatable systems, the rigid objects intended to adapt to space are dissolved. Air volumes emerge within the void between skin and clothes, becoming instant extensions, which widen the limits of the human anatomy.

EXO.PAN is a system of Nylon inflatable panels.

Through the analysis of the human anatomy and its potential genetic and morphological variability, a new approach is achieved in order to adapt to constantly shifting needs and scenarios. Avoiding direct biological modification, Shaping Voids applies the potential of clothing and its link with the body to modify features and attributes.

Due to the direct morphological alteration of the body that the system performs, a new approach in the first artificial skin, the clothes, was also developed. Three pieces were designed in order to adapt to multiple scenarios.

The rapid operating sequence requires an instant solution for inflating/deflating operations. Therefore, the system is prepared for the use of 16g compressed CO2 cartridges.