Vena defines the guidelines for a new utopian transportation system.  

In the future, there will be an interconnection between objects, humans, spaces, and logistics. The concept of material and the concept of digital will be mixed, and there will not be any distinction between it. Public space will define the environment of life, which has evolved from the concept of "city" to a new surface of organized and equally distributed networks.

Mobility in this new era will differ from the dystopian complexity and unreliability of the contemporary scenario to offer a new notion, in which the vehicle is no longer a private entity. The vehicle will be the infrastructure: the hexasurface®. The distortion of this surface, controlled by a mega-computer, will guide the passenger units throughout the network. The user will board a capsule designed with collectivity in mind, no seats will define personal space, a continuous cushioned surface will allow open-source disposition, driven by a refuse of individuality to embrace collective exchange.

speculative design project

concept and production by Stefano Bona, Ester Arrebola and Jordi Farreras
product/3D design by Stefano Bona
graphic design and typeface by Ester Arrebola
interacion design by Jordi Farreras

hi, my name is Stefano Bona.
I focus on designing objects that go beyond form or context. Through the creation of new scenarios, I envision radical ideas and aesthetics, in an attempt to define what’s next. I developed a particular interest in the relationship between technology and the new scenarios of fashion. Through the use of innovative materials and techniques, I believe fashion can extend the natural capabilities of the human body.